My first book Chilling Out: The Psychology of Relaxation will be published August, 2015 and is available for pre-order on Amazon

This book is part of a nine book series on the Psychology of Everyday Life and is written in non-scientific language. It explores the effects of relaxation on mind and body including the possibility that it may prolong your life!

Relaxation strategies that many readers may already do are explored including specific strategies often recommended by health care professionals. Additionally, relaxation techniques practiced across the globe may encourage readers to try something that thousands living in different cultures than the US know to promote stress-relief and relaxation.

Scholars Kimberlyee Bonura, Jessica Manaker, Christine May, Brian Selby, Sylvie Stacy, and Jim Taylor contribute their expert perspectives on three debate topics including: Do relaxation drinks really work? Should medications or behavior modification be used to help people relax? And, Does American culture support relaxation? 

Five real-life scenarios are explored that might sound familiar to readers at any stage in life and well established theories of relaxation are discussed to help readers understand the ideas that often underlie professional recommendations for regular relaxation. 

Table of Contents

Series Forward



Part I: Relaxation in Everyday Life

1. What: The Many Forms of Relaxation

2. Why: The Importance of Relaxation
3. How: The Positive and Negative Effects of Relaxation
4. Who: Psychologists' Theories about Relaxation
5. When: Relaxation Throughout the Life Cycle
6. Where: Relaxation Around the World

Part II: Scenarios

Part III: Controversies and Debates

Directory of Resources



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