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Christine is a counseling psychologist by training and works as an Associate Professor of Psychology at Husson University.  She also works part-time in her private practice, Selby Psychological Services where she specializes in Sport Psychology and in the treatment of Eating Disorders.

Over the years as a practicing psychologist she has recognized one of the most prevalent issues that many of her clients have is difficulty with their sense of who they are.  At times they may be completely disconnected from who they are or who they want to be.  And at other times, they may be terrified of expressing who they know themselves to be.  Regardless of the overall concern of her clients, Christine has found that int he process of helping them discover and give voice to their true selves, many clients develop a sense of contentment and happiness that they had not previously experienced - at least not in an ongoing way.

Christine's own journey in self-discovery, which is ongoing, has been circuitous as most journeys of this type are.  A shy and timid girl, she was afraid to say what she thought or wanted out of fear of being ridiculed or rejected.  At times when she did speak up she felt as though she was either not being heard or that her opinion was not valued.  It wasn't until some time during late adolescence that she began to more fully express herself and was able to do so as part of a group of peers who accepted her.

In college she more fully expressed many facets of herself.  Without having taken a survey of people whom she knew during these years, she is quite certain there were peers who most definitely did not want to be her friend or acquaintance.  The outcome of this was having a small group of friends who accepted her for exactly who she was.

This carried her further into young adulthood where she felt more emboldened with the idea of not compromising herself or her integrity just to be liked by others.  She already had the experience that there were others out there who liked her exactly as she was.  Although she has not reached "happily ever after" because her journey is not finished, she is married to a man who got to know her true self and loved her despite some stuff that isn't so great.

Her hope for all those who wish to be happy is to start or continue on their journey to self-discovery.  To find their authentic self, to cherish who they are, and to find others who will do the same.  You do not need to compromise who you are for anyone.  You can be Self Strong and loved by others.    

Professional Accomplishments
As an Associate Professor of Psychology and licensed psychologist in private practice, Christine has given professional and public talks, appeared on local radio and tv, published in academic journals, and held offices in professional organizations.  Below are some of her selected accomplishments.

Radio and Television Appearances
  • Radio programs on BulimiaAnorexia, and Binge Eating for DesignerHealthNetTalkShow.com 
Testimonial From the DesignerHealthNetTalkShow.com page: 
“I work every day with people afflicted by eating disorders. I absolutely loved the show on Bulimia and found Krist√© and Dr. Selby were right on the money with all the information they talked about. I enjoyed them both immensely! I hated to hear the show end.  In fact, I’ve listened to it three times so far, and would love to hear you do more on eating disorders. Bringing NEDA in was awesome, too. They do so much for our cause. I recommend anyone interested in ED’s listen to his show… I’m going for a fourth time! Lol! Keep up the GREAT work and God bless!”Erin - Cleveland, OH

Offices in Professional Organizations
  • President, Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology (Division 47) of the American Psychological Association (2013-2014)
  • Member, Research-Practice Committee of the Academy for Eating Disorders (2011-2014)
  • Co-founder and co-chair of the Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (2008 - present)

Invited Lectures/Talks
  • Psychological Factors Related to Eating Disorders; talk given to mental health and medical personnel of Acadia Hospital
  • Body Image and Self-Esteem; presentation to fifth grade girls and boys at a local Elementary School
  • Eating Disorders; presentation to local school nurses and guidance counselors
  • Eating Disorders and Athletes; faculty of the Sport Psychology Institute, University of Southern Maine

Professional Presentations
  • Media, body image, and athletes; Co-presenter of symposium conducted at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI
  • Making the right call: A workshop on identifying and referring athletes with eating disorders; Co-facilitator of workshop conducted at the meeting of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Atlanta, GA
  • An activities-based approach to teaching general psychology; Co-facilitator of workshop conducted at the meeting on the Best Practices in Teaching Psychology, Atlanta, GA
  • What's YOUR motivation?: Countertransference in the sport psychology consultation realtionship; Lecture conducted at the meeting of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Psychological and physiological correlates of self-complexity and authenticity; Article published with Mahoney in the journal of Construcitvism in the Human Sciences
  • Exercise and eating disorders; Chapter to be published in Razon and Sachs (Eds.), Applied Exercise Psychology
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy approaches; Chapter in Reel (Ed.), Eating Disorders: Causes, Treatment and Prevention
  • A coach's guide to identifying and helping athletes with eating disorders; Article published in the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action

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